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Sports Equipment Cleaning

Hockey / Lacrosse Equipment Cleaning

Kirby’s Source for sports utilizes the Sani Sport Equipment Cleaning Machine to offer our customers the best way to keep sports equipment free of dangerous bacteria that is not removed with normal washing.

Sani Sport's ozone cleaning system has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce the dangerous bacteria that can be found in protective and sports equipment. Our machines significantly reduce harmful bacteria and odours while they clean gear without compromising the quality of your equipment.

Over 27 professional NHL Teams use the Sani Sport to clean their NHL equipment and to help reduce the risk of their athletes contracting serious infections. The Sani Sport machine will reduce bacteria, remove odours and any type of sports gear, including:

  • Hockey helmets
  • Hockey gloves
  • Elbow & shin pads
  • Neck and chin guards
  • Hockey skates
  • Pants
  • Goalie pads
  • Lacrosse equipment

2 Day Turnaround - Equipment must be dry when dropped off.