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Our Team


Kirby Yeats
Position: Owner/Operator
AKA: Kirb
Kirby started Kirby’s Sports in 2000, and has been in the sporting goods business for over 35 years. He has been playing hockey and ball for 45+ years. These days he still plays once a week with Cowboys Hockey, and coach’s both of his kids teams at JDF. Kirby’s favorite teams are the Edmonton Oilers, and the Miami Dolphins. Fun Fact: Kirby was the Asst. Equipment Manager of the Edmonton Oilers in 1981/82.
Sean Tackaberry
Position: Owner/Operator
AKA: Tack
Tack joined Kirby’s Sports in 2004, and has been in the sporting goods business for over 18 years. He has been playing hockey and baseball for 30+ years. Tack played for and coached the Victoria Cougars Jr. B team over a period of 7 years, followed by 10 years for the Victoria Lions, in the VHL. His favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. Fun Fact: Tack is a shareholder in the Green Bay Packers. Go Pack Go!
Mark Walton
Position: Store Manager
AKA: Wally
Wally started working at Kirby’s Sports in 2012, and has been part of the management team since 2014. Mark plays for the Victoria Lions of the VHL, after playing 4 seasons with the Victoria Cougars Jr. B Hockey Club. He also played lacrosse for 6 years, and is currently a member of the Jays softball team. Wally’s favorite teams are the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Fun Fact: Wally has had over 100 stitches in his face due to hockey injuries…who could tell?!
Brian Sharuga
Position: Hockey Buyer/Old Man Knowledge
AKA: Brain
After managing United Cycle Source for Sports for over 20 years, Brian moved to Victoria to retire in 2003 and has been part of the Kirby’s team ever since. Brian played hockey up until Jr, and coached hockey and football for 20+ years. Brian’s favorite teams are the Edmonton Oilers, and the Oakland Raiders. Fun Fact: Brian enjoys Sooke traffic, and is an avid Fantasy Football participant.
Ron Morrison
Position: Repair Man
AKA: Ronny
Ronny joined the Kirby’s Sports team in 2005, and has over 30 years’ experience repairing sporting goods equipment. In his younger days Ron was an avid hockey, rugby, and soccer player. Ronny’s favorite teams are the Vancouver Canucks, and the Chicago Bears. Fun Fact: Ronny is a retired heavy duty mechanic, and drives a beautiful ’53 Chevy.
Brenda Robinson
Position: Sales Associate
AKA: Blender
Brenda started with Kirby’s in 2005, and has worked in the sporting goods industry for over 15 years. She has played, coached, & refereed hockey for over 35 years, and is currently playing for the Bladerunners. Brenda also brings 20 years of experience playing fast-pitch, soccer, football and basketball. Blenders’s favorite teams are the Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Blue Jays, and San Francisco 49ers. Fun Fact: Brenda is quite the prankster, and loves her cats!
Jordyn Simpson
Position: Manager of Business Operations
Jordyn joined Kirby's in February of 2013, after a brief stint at another Source for Sports store in BC. She has 26 years’ experience playing both fast-pitch and soccer. JCD's favorite teams are Kevin's Bieksa & Seattle Mariners Fun Fact: Jordyn was named after Michael Jordan, and is KSFS’ resident band-aid. She has watched Mighty Ducks over 100 times!
Elliot Simons
Position: Service Center - Sales Associate
AKA: Elly
Elliot joined the KSFS team in 2012, and has been a consistent figure in our service center ever since. He has 19 years of experience playing hockey, and is currently a member of the Ice Giants in Island Hockey 101. Elly’s favorite teams are the Vancouver Canucks, and the Chicago Bears. Da Bears! Fun Fact: Elliot once won an OREO Stacking competition & drives a 1990 Camaro IROC Z.
Nathan Looysen
Position: Team Sales Manager
AKA: Splinter
Nathan started working at Kirby’s Sports in the winter of 2014. He has 20+ years of hockey playing experience and has completed the Sports Management program at Brock University in the Sports Management program. Nathan’s favorite team is the Buffalo Bills Fun Fact: Looys played a season for the Kamloops Blazers, and was briefly featured in EA Sports NHL15 and is bilingual.
Jenn Mathieson
Position: Cashier - Customer Service
Jenn has been working at Kirby's SFS since the Spring of 2016. She brings extensive playing experience in both Hockey, Baseball & Fastpitch. Jam has played 20+ years of hockey with the SMHA Braves & Major Midget Impact as well as 20+ years of both Baseball & Fastpitch with Layritz, Strawberry Vale and Cordova Bay. Jenn is a die hard Montreal Canadiens fan, & cheers for the Blue Jays & Seahawks. Fun Fact: Jam has been to Disneyland 14+ times and loves Pluto!
Gabe Crozier
Position: Sales Associate - Baseball Specialist
AKA: Gaber
Gabe has been a part of the KSFS team since July 2017. He has played 13 years of Baseball with Layritz Gaber has also played hockey for 10 years with SMHA Braves. His favorite team is the San Francisco Giants. Fun Fact: Gabe has been within 1 out of a No-Hitter twice in his baseball pitching career.
Miranda Yeats
Position: Cashier - Customer Service
Miranda joined the KSFS Staff in April 2018. She has 9 years of hockey playing experience with the JDF Grizzlies, and South Island Royals. Mir's favorite team is the Edmonton Oilers. Fun Fact: Miranda is fluent in French, and once scored 6 goals in one hockey game!
Spencer Golden
Position: Sales Associate - Service Center
Spencer joined the KSFS Staff in July 2018. He's played hockey for 11 years with SMHA Goldy is really proud of his 1 year of baseball experience playing T-Ball. Previous team: UCO Bronchos His favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers. Fun Fact: in 2018 Goldy planned on winning the VIJHL Rookie Scoring race, he did not accomplish this goal
Kobe Chelini Dheensaw
Position: Sales Associate - Soccer Specialist
Kobe joined the KSFS Team in July 2018. He's played 14 years of competitive Soccer Kob also has experience playing Basketball, Football, and Lacrosse. His favorite teams are Arsenal, and the LA Lakers. Fun Fact: Kobe is the self-proclaimed best athlete in the Chelini Dheensaw family?! The jury is still out on that
Libby Hogg
Position: Sales Associate
AKA: Lib
Libby is a national field hockey player (TEAM CANADA, not a big deal) but also dominates in a variety of other sports! She has 8 years experience playing softball and is a fan of the San Fransico Giants & the Montreal Canadiens.
Tarik Borhot
Position: Sales Associate
AKA: Borz
Tarik hails from Calgary but currently calls Victoria home while he plays for the Saanich Predators. Tarik has been playing hockey since he was 6 years old and is a big LA Kings fan. He joined Kirby's team in September 2022 & is a big fashionista, we aren't exactly sure what that is, but he tells us it has to do with clothes and fashion.
Keagan Dyer
Position: Sales Associate
AKA: Keags
Keagan is from Victoria and currently plays for the Westshore Wolves Fun Fact: Keags did win the 2022 Westshore Wolves "Rookie Idol."
Louis Ferraro
Position: Sales Associate
AKA: Lou
Louis comes to Kirby's from Calgary but was born in France. Louis is a member of the UVIC rowing team & can juggle, he may even look to join the PJL, Pro Juggling League =)
Brianna Geertsma
Position: Sales Associate
AKA: Bri
Favourite Sport: Baseball Previous Team: Orleans Rebels Fun Fact: Degree in Recreation & Health Education from UVIC | Loves Sports & Broccoli From: Winchester Ontario Favorite Sports Team: Edmonton Oilers, but has a soft spot for the Ottawa Senators
Macy Hogg
Position: Sales Associate
AKA: Mace
FunFact: Macy’s dream is to be a reoccurring character on Gilmore Girls Favorite Sports: Basketball, field hockey & rugby Favorite Teams: Habs & Blue Jays
Silas Currie
Position: Goalie Department
Silas is from Medicine Hat, Alberta and is currently calling the crease home for the Peninsula Panthers.
Keelan Hondro
Position: Goalie Department
AKA: Hondro
Keelan is one of our goalie experts and the star of "Keelan's Crease" segment where we showcase new goalie equipment. Fun Fact: Keelan has the highest GAA in the history of the VHL

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