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Skate Sharpening

Price List:

Skate Lab Price
Regular Sharpening $10.00*
Regular Sharpening Card (10) $80.00*
Regular Sharpening Card (20) $140.00*
Flat Bottom V Sharpening  $10.00*
Flat Bottom V Sharpening Card (10)     $80.00*
Skate Oven Heat Molding $40.00
Skate Stretching  $25.00
Skate Punch $10.00
Regular Rivets $2.00 ea  
Copper Rivets $3.00 ea
Full Skate Rivet Replacement $20.00
Eyelets $2.50 ea
Full Skate Eyelet Replacement $30.00

Minimum Repair Charge


ProSharp Custom Skate Profile 

$50.00 each pair

ProSharp Custom Profile w/Skate Purchase

$40.00 each pair

ProSharp Custom Profile w/Blade Purchase

$45.00 each pair

ProSharp Custom Profile w/Multiple Blade Purchases 

$35.00 each pair

CAG One Custom Contour

$30.00 each pair

* Taxes included / all other items taxes not included.

At Source For Sports we take your game seriously. The Precision Balance Skate Sharpening and Contouring System can elevate your performance and your game.

In hockey, skating is everything and a poor sharpening will certainly hurt your game. The Precision Balance® custom sharpening system is designed to produce a consistent sharpening every time. This ensures that your skates are being sharpened for your skill level and style of play, to increase your performance on the ice.

Skate sharpening is an art that takes time to master. Our skilled skate sharpening specialists have the knowledge and training to create a precision edge on your blade, ensuring that you have the performance that you need from your skate, no matter what level you play.

Here are explanations of some of the common terms that refer to how a skate is sharpened:

HOLLOW – Skate blades are not flat. A hollow or ‘U’ shape is ground into the blade to create a right and left edge. The deeper the hollow or U shape, the sharper a skate feels. The following are common sharpening measurements in order of deepest to shallow: ¼, 3/8, 7/16, ½, 5/8.

A sharper skate will give you more bite but less glide.

FLAT BOTTOM V – Rather than being a ‘U’ Shape hollow, the FBV has a flat bottom and ‘V’ shaped sides. This shape allows the skate more bite without sacrificing the ability to glide. Because the blade does not penetrate the ice as deeply, there is less chance of catching an edge, reducing the chances of falling during transitions for less experienced or less skilled skaters. There is also reduction of the twisting forces applied to knees, which means less wear and tear on the joints.

CONTOURING – Also referred to as ‘rockering’, contouring is the actual shaping of the blade. This allows different lengths of the blade making contact with the ice. The more contact with the ice, the greater amount of glide. The lesser amount of contact creates the ability to turn sharper (smaller radius). The goal is to create a balance between glide and turning radius, custom designed for the individual skater. Examples of common radius measurements, from the most amount of glide (or contact) to the least (or sharpest turning radius), are 13’, 11’, 9’, 7’.

CROSS GRINDING – This is a process that brings the blade back to a flat reference. It is a technique that is used to remove damage done to the blade such as nicks or poor levels.

Don’t settle for just any sharpening! Come into your local Source For Sports® and ask about the Precision Balance® custom sharpening and experience how it can help you elevate your game.


Precision Balance is a method of sharpening that will enhance your skating ability and performance on the ice. Speed, Power, Balance and Stability, the critical elements of skating, can be affected as a result of precise sharpening and contouring.

Precision Balance Sharpening addresses all of the inherent variables that affect the skate blade so that a better quality sharpening can be achieved. Blade thickness, for example, can reduce the bite angle of your blade and can ultimately cause slippage while your leg is at full extension during the skating stride.


  • Proper radius of hollow that is centred on the blade
  • Smooth square edges
  • A quality finish


  • Improved edge control
  • Improved acceleration
  • Improved speed and agility
  • Improved confidence allows player to attack smaller spaces
  • Regain and recover balance quicker

See and feel the difference for yourself. Get the Precision Balance® Skate Sharpening and Contouring, available only at Source For Sports®. We know our stuff.


Profiling is the shaping of the steel skate blade from heel to toe, customizing the blade shape to each player’s body position, skating ability, and stride.

By doing this, players can maximize their blade’s contact with the ice, and the 4 key aspects of skating - acceleration, transition, speed, and stability.