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Sports Equipment Repairs

Kirby's Source for Sports' experienced and knowledgeable team of experts can repair or alter equipment for all your sporting needs. We have all the equipment and tools to help restore your favorite piece of gear.

We provide a variety of services that can get you back in the game fast, from glove re-palming to rebuilding and customizing goal equipment.

Hockey Equipment Repairs

  • Glove and blocker re-palming
  • Professional skate sharpening
  • Custom radius
  • Runner and casing replacement
  • Skate boot stretching and punching
  • Goal glove re-lacing
  • Pant repair
  • Goal pad stitching
  • Pad stuffing
  • Goal pad accessories

Lacrosse Equipment Repairs

  • Head re-stringing (mesh kits available)
  • Player custom equipment alterations and repair
  • Goalie custom equipment alterations and repair

Ball Equipment Repairs

  • Glove re-lacing
  • Pitching toes
  • Base straps
  • Catchers equipment repairs

For pricing info and questions regarding custom repairs please contact: