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with Locations in Victoria and Nanaimo
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  • Bauer Supreme 1S Stick

    Bauer Supreme 1S StickLaunched July 28th

  • CCM RBZ FT1 Stick

    CCM RBZ FT1 StickLaunches Sept. 16th

  • Bauer 1X Skates

    Bauer 1X SkatesLaunched July 14th

  • Warrior Alpha QX Stick

    Warrior Alpha QX StickLaunched Aug. 4th

  • CCM Ribcor Trigger 2

    CCM Ribcor Trigger 2Launches Sept. 8th

  • 1X Goal Skate

    1X Goal SkateLaunched May 19th

  • 2017 Gear

    2017 GearHas Arrived!